Your Special Place on the Lake: Wait list only available

Ada Fishing Resort will begin offering long term sites to place your RV, Trailer or Motor Home on a site year round.

For an annual fee you will be able to leave your RV in a site where it will available for your use at any time.  Upon arrival you will pay a nightly fee ($20) and simply turn on the electricity and water and be at your home on the lake.  When you depart you can turn off the electric and water until your return.

Included in the annual fee are 14 free nights, unlimited boat launch and free boat moorage.  Should you leave the electric on in your absence a nightly fee of $3 will be charged.  Billing will be prorated when first arrival then due October 01 each year thereafter.  There will be no early termination refund.

Fee will be $1,500 annual.  Credit Card will incur a 3% fee.

A limited number of sites will be available.